New Car Buyers Guide

New Car Buyers Guide

Before inking a deal on a new car, learn about leasing, buying a car online or at a dealership, new car incentives, taxes, researching the market, and more.

In This Section
  • Guide to Buying a New Car

    Be prepared when you buy a new car by learning about manufacturer incentives, leasing, shopping online, new car taxes and fees and more.

  • Leasing vs. Buying

    Consider resale value, monthly car payments, depreciation, sales tax, repair bills & more when deciding whether to buy or lease a vehicle.

  • Buying Online or at the Dealership

    Review the advantages & disadvantages of buying a car online or going in person to buy a car at an auto dealership.

  • Researching a New Car

    Consult a variety of sources of info such as the Web, newspapers, TV, friends, consumer reports and safety records before you purchase a new car.

  • Incentives

    Car buying incentives include auto rebates, new car incentives, dealer incentives and more. Find out to how to get the most out your next car deal.

  • New Car Taxes and Fees

    Use a state-specific vehicle tax & fee calculator to determine the new car sales tax on your next purchase.

  • How to Read a Window Sticker

    Learn more about the info on the specification sheet. The window sticker includes the year, make, model, VIN, manufacturer suggested retail price, fuel economy and more.

  • Lemon Law

    Lemon law information & articles - find out if your car meets the definition & what consumer protections you have.