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Please enter your ZIP Code to access Buying and Selling FAQs specific to your state: has many sections devoted to the important matter of buying and selling vehicles, including this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. After all, next to buying or selling your home, this transaction will probably cost you the most money. In this section, we'll take a look at some common questions regarding this issue.

You might find information on how to transfer a title in your state when you buy or sell a used vehicle in a private sale―how the titling process works when you buy a car right off the showroom floor.

And if you need to find a Bill of Sale to finalize a sale, we've got the links to the form for your state―or a generic one that you can use instead.

Other topics covered in this section could include which forms to fill out and where to submit them, information about special titling situations, and links to some of our other pages that are related to the process of buying and selling vehicles in your home state.

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