Auto Warranty & Lemon Law

Auto Warranty & Lemon Law

Learn about auto warranties, lemon laws, & transferring an existing extended warranty. An auto warranty might protect against expensive repairs.

In This Section
  • Lemon Law

    Lemon law information & articles - find out if your car meets the definition & what consumer protections you have.

  • Auto Warranty Coverage & Benefits

    Confused about auto warranties? Here is a clear picture of different types of auto warranties and what the different coverages include.

  • Extended Warranty

    Extended warranty coverage can make sense when your manufacturer warranty has expired.

  • Transferring an Extended Warranty

    Transfer an extended warranty from one car owner to another, or purchase a tranferable warranty to keep your options open in case you sell.

  • New Car Manufacturer Warranties

    Get a better understanding of what new car warranties are and what’s included with them.

  • Benefits of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

    Learn how to avoid a lemon; consider a certified pre-owned vehicle. Find out about certified pre-owned vehicles.

  • Motorcycle Warranties

    Learn about the different types of motorcycle warranties, what they cover, and the differences between manufacturers.

  • RV Warranties

    Learn more about warranties for RVs and motorhomes, including manufacturer and extended warranties.

  • Other Vehicle Warranties

    If you own a non-standard vehicle such as a boat, personal watercraft, or ATVs, you should know what warranty options and protections are available to you.

  • Auto Parts Warranties

    Understand what an auto parts warranty does and does not cover, and whether you should consider purchasing extra coverage for your vehicle.

  • Voiding a Car Warranty

    A voided car warranty can cause you a lot of problems. Find out reasons for voiding a warranty, and how to prevent yours from becoming void.

  • Car Warranty FAQs

    A comprehensive listing of the most frequently asked questions about car warranties.