Auto Loans & Financing

Auto Loans & Financing

Find info on auto loans & refinancing before buying your next new or used vehicle. Simply estimate your monthly payment with our auto loan calculator.

In This Section
  • How to Get a Car Loan

    Applying for a car loan doesn’t have to difficult. Read our guide to learn how to get a car loan.

  • Understanding Car Financing

    Understand your car financing options to help get the best auto loan for your next car.

  • Auto Loan Rates

    Learn all about auto loan rates, what they mean to your car loan, and deceiving financing deals to look out for.

  • Auto Loan Calculator

    Determine the car loan amount you might get from an auto lender or financial institution for a new or used car using the auto loan calculator.

  • Auto Loan Terms

    The basics of auto loan terms such as length, down payments & trade-ins, refinancing, depreciation, being upside down & amortization.

  • Auto Loan Refinancing

    A refinanced auto loan can potentially save you hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of your loan. Read our quick guide to learn about car loan refinancing.

  • Credit Reports

    Get the best auto loan rates with your credit score. Don't let a blemish on your credit report ruin your credit.

  • Auto Loan Glossary

    Access a number of auto loan terms such as fixed rate loan & credit history to help you understand the financial jargon when talking to an auto lender.

  • Used Car Loans

    Learn how a used car loan can help you get into the used car you desire.

  • Bad Credit Auto Loan

    Learn how bad credit car loans can help you get a car even if your credit is low.

  • Car Title Loans

    Lean about how car title loans may provide relief in the short term, but can be potentially expensive in the long term.

  • Bank Auto Loans

    Learn how having a pre-approved car loan can give you confidence going into a car dealership.

  • Credit Union Car Loans

    Credit unions can be a great source for low rate auto loans. Learn more about credit union car loans.

  • Dealerships and Auto Loans

    Learn how getting your auto loan through a dealership can save you a little work, but may not get you the best rates.

  • Blank Check Auto Loans

    Blank check auto loans can be a great tool when negotiating with a car dealer. Learn more about blank check car loans.

  • Online Auto Loans

    Learn how online auto loans can help make your car buying experience simple.

  • Upside-Down Car Loans

    Learn about upside-down car loans and how you can get above water on your auto loan.

  • How to Refinance a Car Loan

    Learn how you can refinance your car loan and lower your monthly auto loan payments.

  • Zero Percent Financing

    Learn the benefits and drawbacks of zero percent financing on auto loans.

  • Get a Cheap Car Loan

    Follow our tips to getting a cheap car loan that fits your needs.

  • Missing and Late Payments

    Missing and late payments on your auto loan can have negative consequences. Learn how you can work with your lender to avoid these.

  • Vehicle Repossession

    Learn what vehicle repossession is, how it can affect your life, and what you can do to avoid it.

  • Early Loan Payoff

    An early loan payoff can potentially save you from paying too much interest on your car. Learn more about early auto loan payoffs.

  • Removing a Lien

    Learn how to remove a lienholder from your vehicle title and transfer it back to your own name.

  • Captive Finance Companies

    Learn how through an automaker’s captive finance company, you can potentially get a solid auto loan.

  • Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

    Learn how buy here pay here dealerships work, and how you can avoid some of the dangers associated with them.

  • True Cost of Auto Loans

    Learn how interest rates and additional costs, such as car insurance, can factor into the true cost of auto loans.

  • Car Loans After Bankruptcy

    Read our tips on how to get a car loan after bankruptcy.

  • Taking Over an Auto Loan

    Learn about auto loan takeovers and the steps you need to take to take over a loan.

  • Auto Loan FAQs

    Find answers to frequently asked questions about auto loans.