511 Traffic Systems in Arizona


In an effort to help motorists arrive at their destination safely and keep traffic moving as efficiently as possible, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has been investing in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

This state-of-the-art system uses advanced technologies, including sensors, communication equipment, and computers, to give ADOT and travelers within the state current information on roadway conditions.

By doing so, motorists can easily get an accurate idea about traffic congestion, accidents, detours, closures, construction, and poor weather conditions that may disrupt their travel, and allow them to make alternate plans to get to their destination.


Access this information online. You'll find data about current traffic conditions, accidents, construction, detours, and weather-related problems. Viewers may opt to check information only in their immediate area, or get a statewide look.

In addition, traffic cameras are mounted in numerous locations throughout the state, enabling viewers to have a live peak at roadway conditions.

511 Telephone Service

Of course, roadway condition information is needed most urgently by those already on the road. The 511 service allows motorists to call this number and learn about traffic conditions, accidents, detours, weather problems, and closures that could affect their path of travel. You may also find airport and tourism information through this service.

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