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    Arizona Traffic Tickets

    Traffic tickets are any form of citation that you get for violating traffic laws. It may seem like most traffic laws travel unchanged from state to state, but there are actually subtle differences.

    For that reason, it is important to familiarize yourself with the Arizona Department of Transportation's (DOT) rules of the road, particularly variable rules like maximum speed limits, before heading out onto the state's highways.

    Civil Penalties in Arizona

    In Arizona, civil citations encompass any type of moving or standing violation (including speeding, illegal parking, and disobeying traffic signals) that is not serious enough to be considered criminal. Unlike criminal offenses, traffic tickets do not appear on a criminal record. They do, however, add points to your driver's license.

    Furthermore, the maximum civil penalty is much lower for a traffic ticket than for criminal penalties. It usually amounts to a monetary fine and possibly a class on traffic safety.

    Accumulating too many points on your Arizona driver's license can result in it being suspended (see " Arizona Driving Record Points" below). If you're close to losing your driver's license and think that one more traffic conviction could send you over the edge, consider consulting an attorney who specializes in traffic cases to help you fight the ticket.

    You will generally have the following options if cited for a civil violation in Arizona:

    • Successfully complete a defensive driving course and have your violation dismissed.
    • Pay the required fine.
    • Contest the traffic ticket by requesting a court hearing.

    For more information, contact the local AZ traffic court listed on your citation.

    Criminal Penalties

    Chances are good that you know when you are doing something worthy of a criminal penalty. These violations fall into the following categories:

    • Misdemeanors, such as reckless driving or driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol (DUI).
    • Felonies, such as not stopping when a peace officer commands you to pull over.

    Criminal citations will undoubtedly land you with a stiff monetary penalty. Some also threaten AZ driver's license suspensions and a day (or several) in court, not to mention jail time. If you have received a criminal citation, you should consider getting a lawyer.

    For the current maximum civil penalty, and to learn what types of traffic tickets constitute criminal or civil penalties, see the Arizona Revised Statutes.

    Arizona Driving Record Points

    Every time you receive a traffic ticket for committing a moving violation, the Arizona DOT will record points against your driver's license. Depending on your violation you'll receive anywhere from 2 points to 8 points per infraction. Usually, the more severe your violation, the more points you'll receive, for example, speeding will get you 3 points, and a DUI is worth 8 points.

    Accumulating too many driving record points will result in an AZ driver's license suspension.

    For more information, visit our following pages:

    AZ Auto Insurance Increases

    Chances are, if you receive a traffic ticket for committing a moving violation (such as speeding, running a stop light, DUI) your auto insurance rates will go up. Your insurance agent has access to your driving record and will determine your premium based on this information.

    The more violations you have committed, the higher your rates will be.

    Being a safe and lawful driver isn't just important in order to keep yourself and other safe on the road, it will also help you save money in the long run!