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    If you have received a traffic ticket in Arizona, then a Arizona State Approved Traffic School is a great way to dismiss your traffic ticket and lose the points from your driving records. I Drive Safely is a good choice for Arizona traffic school online.

    The successful completion of a course from one of the approved traffic schools may prevent violations from damaging your driving record. While in many cases a course just might get a traffic ticket dismissed, attending traffic school can also enhance your driving knowledge and skill level, and it may increase your overall safety awareness so that you, your family, and other drivers can be safer on the roads.

    As outlined in our Arizona Defensive Driving section, Arizona's Defensive Driving Program is extremely active in the lives of AZ drivers―to the tune of updating your knowledge of traffic laws, reducing points on your driving record, and meeting court-ordered requirements. And that's just to name a few.

    Here, let's dive deeper into the two types of Arizona traffic schools: Defensive Driving Diversion and Traffic Survival School.

    Defensive Driving Program

    The eligible violations within this program mainly are civil traffic moving violations, such as speeding infractions and failing to yield. Your ticket will indicate if your infraction is considered to be a civil or criminal offense. If you were cited for multiple civil violations, the number of dismissed infractions you may have is one.

    Commercial drivers may not voluntarily enroll in the course, even if the infraction was received while driving a non-commercial vehicle.

    The program is overseen by Arizona Supreme Court, not the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), and is voluntary. You'll review Arizona traffic laws, defensive driving techniques, and accident-avoidance maneuvers in the class.

    Normally, you'll receive information about this program along with your ticket. You'll be given the phone number for the schools you're permitted to attend. If you would prefer going to another school, you may ask the court for permission to enroll in the school of your choice.

    The program does offer certain accommodations. For example, some offer state-approved online classes. Others may offer classes for the hearing-impaired, or for those who only speak Spanish. Classes are not available on DVD, or any other sort of media. Please contact the school directly for more information about their offerings and hours.

    The program cost varies depending on where you live. Court costs are included in the overall fee. By completing the program, however, you won't have to pay the cost of the ticket. The Arizona Judicial Branch can tell you more about your overall traffic school costs.

    After successfully completing the class, your violation will be dismissed from your driving record, and you won't receive any points on your license.

    There are insurance benefits, too. For example, your insurance rates may not go up, as the infraction will not show on your driving record. Also, your insurance carrier may offer a discount on your auto premiums if you complete the class. Contact your insurance provider for specific information regarding its policy and your situation.

    For more information on the defensive driving program, see our Arizona Defensive Driving page.

    Traffic Survival School

    Traffic Survival School (TSS) has certain eligible violations, too. Generally, TSS is for convicted violators of serious traffic offenses, such as running a red light, aggressive driving, or any offense that leads to a serious injury or death. It's also for those who have accumulated between 8-12 points on their license, and all drivers under 18 receiving their first moving violation citation.

    The course duration is eight hours (during a single class). Its purpose is to educate drivers about Arizona traffic laws, while reinforcing driver responsibilities, and stressing the importance of safe driving practices. If you've done something worthy of a TSS course, it means mandatory enrollment; you don't have the choice as to whether to take this class. Also, completing it will not remove points off your driving record.

    Unlike the defensive driving program, which is under the governance of the Arizona Supreme Court, the TSS falls under the authority of the MVD. Failing to meet the completion deadline, 60 days from the notice date on your corrective action letter, means your license will be suspended until you do complete the class and pay your fines.

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