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  • Title Transfers in Arizona

    What is a Title Transfer?

    Your car title serves as confirmed proof of ownership. When it comes time to transfer ownership to another party, you'll need the title to legally consummate the deal or arrangement. To avoid late fees, you must transfer the title within 15 business days days of purchasing. Typical title-transfer scenarios include:

    • Paying off a loan
    • Buying or selling a vehicle
    • Inheriting a vehicle
    • Receiving a vehicle as a gift
    • Transferring to a family member
    • Changing or deleting a name

    Selling a Vehicle

    Before advertising your vehicle, take the time to order a vehicle history report. This way you'll be on the same page with interested buyers, and erase any doubts over whether your asking price is too high or too low. Visit our page on vehicle history reports for more information.

    After agreeing to sell, you'll need to:

    1. Complete and sign the back of the title and have it notarized.
    2. Complete a Sold Notice on the backside of the registration, or online.
    3. Remove plates and then, within 30 days, do one of the following: transfer the plates to another vehicle; surrender the plate to an MVD; or submit a signed statement stating that the plates were destroyed.

    Buying a Vehicle

    New Cars

    The dealer will manage and submit all paperwork.

    If you're still a buyer in search of your new car, try the convenience of shopping online.

    Used Cars

    When shopping, avoid the lure of style in favor of a vehicle that's reliable and conforms with your budget. You will also to need figure insurance into your budget. You can compare rates from a variety of providers at our Insurance Center.

    But before inking your name to any documents, be sure to get a vehicle history report on your car of choice.

    After buying, bring the following to any Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office:

    1. The signed-off and notarized title.
    2. A completed Title and Registration Application. (Form 96-0236).
    3. Payment for $4 title transfer fee.

    You can also mail to:

    • Title Production Unit
    • Motor Vehicle Division
    • P.O. Box 2100
    • Phoenix, Arizona 85001-2100

    Have patience if you decide to mail. The turnaround time takes six to eight weeks (this applies to all title transfer situations). Whereas if you title in person you'll immediately receive your new title.

    Keep in mind, you also must register your vehicle during the titling process.

    Removing a Lien

    After paying off your loan, your lienholder will mail you a lien release statement. You then must:

    1. Visit any MVD office with the release statement.
    2. Pay $4 title transfer fee.

    NOTE: The process will be done electronically, free of charge, for Electronic Lien and Title participants. After the MVD is notified electronically, your new title will be mailed the next business day.

    Transferring to Family

    You can transfer a title with:

    • Grandparents
    • Grandkids
    • Spouse
    • Parents
    • Kids

    If you're the recipient, take the following to any MVD office:

    1. The signed-off and notarized title.
    2. A completed Title and Registration Application.
    3. Payment for $4 title transfer fee.

    NOTE: There are no tax exemptions when transferring among family members.

    If you're also registering the vehicle, you'll need to pay registration fees. Visit our registration page for full details.

    Gifting a Vehicle

    There are no tax exemptions with gifted vehicles.

    You must submit the following to any MVD office:

    1. The dated and signed-over title.
    2. A Sold Notice completed by the seller, or giver in this case.
    3. Payment for $4 title transfer fee.

    Donating a Vehicle

    The beauty of donating a car is that you can choose from a variety of causes to support. To learn how to proceed, visit our car donation page.

    Inheriting a Vehicle

    To help negotiate through the sometimes complicated nature of inheriting, consulting an attorney for legal advice is strongly recommended.

    If you're a surviving spouse, you must bring the following documents to your local MVD office after 30 days from the date of death have passed:

    1. A certified death certificate.
    2. The vehicle title.
    3. A completed non-probate affidavit, if applicable.
    4. Payment for $4 title transfer fee.

    You will also need to take care of registration and vehicle insurance. If you're in need of a new carrier, you can weigh different rates from different companies at our Insurance Center.

    For information on other inherited vehicle scenarios, call (800) 251-5866.

    Making Name Corrections

    Changing a Name

    Visit any MVD office with:

    1. Depending on your situation a divorce decree, marriage license or court document verifying a legal name change.
    2. The vehicle title.
    3. A completed Title and Registration Application (Form 96-0236).
    4. Payment for $4 title transfer fee.

    For back-up purposes it's always a good idea to have an extra copy of any court decrees or licenses in your files. Learn more at our Changing Your Name page.

    Deleting a Name

    1. If both of your names are connected by "AND" you both must sign-off on the title. But if both of your names on the title are connected by "OR" only one of you (either or) has to sign-off.
    2. Bring the title to any MVD office.
    3. Complete a Title and Registration Application (Form 96-0236).
    4. Pay a $4 title transfer fee.

    Adding a Name

    1. The person being added to the title must sign on.
    2. Bring the title to any MVD office and complete a Title and Registration (Form 96-0236).
    3. Pay a $4 title transfer fee.



    This form is used to apply for a title and registration, replace a lost title, or change your name on your title and registration.

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