Replacing a Lost CDL in Arizona

CDL Replacement

Losing your commercial driver's license (CDL) or having it stolen can seem like a threat to your professional well-being, but it's easy to replace a missing license. A simple form and a $12 fee will get your CDL back in your wallet in no time. You even have several options when it comes to replacing your card:

  • Request a duplicate online. The computer system will compare your answers to your CDL account information to verify your identity and then send you a card in the mail. Please note that you will need to use a credit card to pay for the replacement CDL.
  • Call during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.) to speak with an MVD representative. They will walk you through the process over the phone.
    • Phoenix: (602) 255-0072.
    • Tucson: (520) 629-9808.
    • Elsewhere in Arizona: (800) 251-5866.
  • Make an appointment to visit an MVD CDL office to fill out the form and pay the fee in person.

More CDL Replacement Information

If you decide to visit an MVD CDL office, bring valid identification. All documents must be original or certified copies from the issuing agency and written in English.

If you believe that someone is using your missing license fraudulently, you should report the loss to the police department to prevent identity theft.

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