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  • License Plates & Placards in Arizona

    Special License Plates

    If you've already painted your automobile the color of your pet chameleon but desire further personalization, the list of special license plates available in the state of Arizona is long. You can use the markers to advertise everything from your Purple Heart to your allegiance to the University of Arizona.

    Some of the plates, specifically those reserved for veterans, require that you verify your eligibility for them with the MVD, but most are available to anyone with a non-commercial vehicle.

    While you can apply for many of them online, some require that you submit a Special Plate Application (Form 96-0143) via postal mail. The varying initial application and annual renewal fees often go to supporting a related cause, so most of the plates eclipse mere vanity. Some of the options are listed below.

    The Antique Plate Application (Form 40-9803) allows you to utilize the original plates from your classic or historical car, assuming they are in good condition, legible, and still painted the original colors. The list of classic cars gets updated every year.

    If you are a citizen or permanent resident of the United States but act as an honorary consul and represent a foreign country, you can apply for an Honorary Foreign Consul Plate by submitting the Honorary Foreign Consul Plate Application (Form 40-4310). There is no fee for the initial application or registration of the plates, but other fees may apply.

    Most special plates come with various fees, many of which go to the specific causes and organizations they promote.

    Personalized Plates

    You can personalize your special license plates, or even your standard Arizona plates, for further individuality. The cost is $25, and you can even check your number/letter combo online to see if it's already in use.

    Disability Plates and Placards

    The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) appreciates the importance of mobility, especially to those who are hindered by physical limitations. For that reason, it allows you to fill out a Disability - Hearing Impaired Plate/Placard Application (Form 96-0104) (and then mail it the Special Plates Unit) or drop off at any one of the MVD offices.

    For complete details, please see Drivers With Disabilities on this site.

    Antique License Plates

    Historic Plates

    To qualify, your vehicle must have an original manufacture model date that's at least 25 years old.

    It will cost you $25 for historic plates.

    Classic Car Plates

    To qualify, your vehicle must be on the list of classic cars filed with the Motor Vehicle Division by the Classic Car Club of America.

    Surrendering Arizona License Plates

    The state does not require you to return your license plates after relocating to another state.

    If you sell you vehicle, you can either transfer your license plates to another vehicle or request a license plate refund on the Arizona MVD website.

    Replace a Lost or Stolen Arizona Plate

    Should you lose your plates you'll need to replace immediately. To do this in-person, visit any MVD office with:

    • One form of identification (driver's license, ID card).
    • Either the license plate number or vehicle identification number (VIN).
    • Payment to cover $5 replacement fee.

    If it's a standard plate, you should receive it, if in stock, before you leave. But if it's a specialized license plate, the MVD will mail you the replacement plate.

    NOTE: Notify the police if you suspect the plate was stolen.

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