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  • Commercial Auto Insurance Minimum Requirements in Arizona

    AZ Commercial Auto Insurance Minimum Requirements &In-State-Name&

    To drive any type of vehicle on Arizona roads―including commercial vehicles―you must be able to prove financial responsibility for any potential accident or damage you might cause. The state requires a minimum amount of liability coverage, which you can establish in several ways.

    Ways to Establish Financial Responsibility

    Most drivers typically prove financial responsibility by obtaining auto liability insurance. Others choose to deposit a cash amount to cover possible future liability. If you own a business and more than nine vehicles, however, you have an additional option.

    The following are all the acceptable ways you can show financial responsibility in Arizona:

      • A policy for motor vehicle liability insurance.
      • A cash deposit with the county treasurer.
      • Certificate of self-insurance.

    Determine Whether You Need Commercial Insurance

    As a business owner, you can choose whether you'll insure each vehicle separately or get a commercial auto insurance policy. Your general liability policy for your business does not cover vehicles, so which auto coverage you choose depends on several different factors:

      • How many and what kind of vehicle(s) you need to insure
      • How the vehicle(s) is being used
      • Who drives the vehicle
      • Who owns the vehicle

    If you have vehicles that you use only for business, you'll most likely want a commercial policy. If you have employees who drive their own cars for your business, or you drive your own car, a personal policy might suffice.

    For example, if you own a lawn-care business with three trucks with equipment that your employees drive to job sites, you'd probably want a commercial insurance policy to cover the multiple drivers and business-use-only vehicles. If you're a real estate agent and typically drive your own car around the region, you'd probably be fine with a personal auto liability policy.

    Consider the following situations, which typically require commercial insurance:

      • Your business is primarily one that transports people or products.
      • You have a trade business that requires multiple vehicles driven by multiple workers.
      • Your vehicles include specialized built-in equipment used solely for the business.
      • You want to cover your employees that use your business vehicles, or their own vehicles for business purposes.
      • You need an auto policy with a coverage amount higher than a personal auto policy.

    Please contact the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) if you need assistance determining whether you need commercial coverage.

    Determine the Required Amount of Coverage

    When you meet with an insurance provider to discuss commercial or personal insurance, you'll need to provide the following information:

      • Who owns the vehicle(s)
      • Weight of the vehicle(s)
      • Usage of the vehicle(s)
      • Liability limits requirements

    Purchase a Commercial Policy

    Once you've decided to get commercial auto insurance, you'll have a wide range of choices when it comes to a provider. You can find many insurance companies that specialize in commercial insurance only, and many popular national insurance companies cover both personal and commercial policies.

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