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  • Drivers Permits in Arizona

    The road to obtaining your Arizona driver's license is an exciting and sometimes challenging one. And if you're under 18 years old, it all begins with getting your Class G instruction permit.

    (If you just moved to Arizona and already have a driver's license, you can skip this. See our Applying for a New License section for details.)

    Instruction Permit: Steps to Take

    To start the process, you'll need to be at least 15 years and 6 months old.

    Be sure to get a copy of the Arizona Driver License Manual. Study it thoroughly, because you'll need to pass a written test based on driving-related information that's contained in the manual. offers practice tests you can take online to prepare yourself for the real test.

    Prepare for Your Test

    Pass Your Test with DMV Cheat Sheets

    Get answers, save time and pass your driving written test the first time around. DMV Cheat Sheets also offers:

    • Steps to getting your license
    • 50 essential study-guide questions
    • Traffic signs and signals

    Simply print and pass or your money back guaranteed.

    When you're ready, take the test at any Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) branch office or third-party office. You don't need an appointment. After paying all applicable fees you'll be allotted three attempts to pass the test within 12 months. If you fail within this timeframe you'll be required to pay a new $7 application fee.

    Come to the branch with a parent or legal guardian, who must sign your Application for an Instruction Permit Whoever signs must be willing to be legally responsible for your driving conduct.

    If your parents are married or you have a single legal guardian, you'll just need one signature on the application. But if your parents are divorced and share joint custody, both must come with you when you apply for the permit, or both must sign the application in front of a notary public.

    Keep in mind that whoever signs the permit application will also be required to sign when you apply for your driver's license.

    The permit is valid for 1 year.

    Driver Training

    With the permit, you can start your driver training, either through an approved driving school or hy having other suitable adult supervision.

    If you choose the latter, a parent or legal guardian needs to verify in writing that you completed at least 30 hours of properly supervised behind-the-wheel-training, 10 hours at night. A currently license driver who is at least 21 years old must be sitting next to you whenever you're driving.

    You must have a permit for at least 6 months before attempting to get your graduated license. See our Applying for a New License section to learn how this works.

    Lost or Expired Permits

    Lose your permit? Just go back to a MVD office and apply for a duplicate permit, which costs $2.

    If your permit expires, you'll need to start the permit process all over.

    Motorcycle Permits

    Just follow the rules and procedures listed above to obtain your motorcycle permit.

    Keep in mind, though, that motorcycle permits are valid for 7 months, not 12. Also, you can renew your motorcycle permit 1 time during a 2 year period. And, you don't need to complete the 10 hours of night driving; you just need to have 30 hours of total driving experience, period.

    You have limited privileges with this permit. For instance, you can't drive on freeways or interstate highways, nor any time there isn't enough light to clearly see 500 feet in front of you (this includes any time between sunset and sunrise).

    Visit our Motorcycle License section for details on how to obtain your full motorcycle license.

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