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    The Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) appreciates the importance of mobility, especially to those who are hindered by physical limitations. For that reason, it allows you to apply for a disability license plate and/or a placard that allows you special parking privileges in public areas.

    You can apply for the plates or placards at any most of the AZ MVD offices. You may need to complete a Disability-Hearing Impaired Plate/Placard Application (Form 96-0104) and a Special Plate Application (Form 96-0143).

    How to Apply

    The application process is simple, requiring only a board-certified doctor to verify on your application that you have one of the qualifying disabilities listed below:

    • You are not able to walk 200 feet without resting
    • You are not able to walk without the help of another, a cane, wheelchair, crutch, or prosthetic device
    • You have lung disease that handicaps your ability to breathe without a respirator
    • You require portable oxygen
    • You have a cardiac condition with Class 3 or 4 limitations as outlined by the American Heart Association
    • You are restricted by an arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic condition that hinders your ability to walk

    You will need to submit a completed Disability - Hearing Impaired Plate/Placard Application (Form 96-0104) via postal mail or in person at a local MVD office, the MVD will mail the plates or placards to your home.

    Validity Period

    Plates are valid for as long as the medical certification is valid. Placards can be temporary (up to 6 months) or permanent (must be renewed every 5 years).

    Hearing-Impaired Options

    If you are hearing impaired and do not have one of the qualifying disabilities listed above, you can still apply for a disabled plate. This won't allow you the special parking privileges, but it will alert law enforcement to your condition when you're driving on public roads.

    Government-Provided Private Transportation

    In addition to plates and placards, the Federal Transit Administration has services for the elderly and disabled who are not able to transport themselves with ease. They have a program that provides private transportation for medical appointments; educational opportunities; service appointments, such as the bank or day care; shopping trips; and employment.

    Traveling With a Disability Placard or Plate

    Arizona honors non-expired disability placards and plates from other states. Likewise, current Arizona placards and plates should be acceptable in other states.

    However, if you are traveling to another state and are concerned about whether your Arizona disability plate or placard will be accepted there, check with that state's motor vehicle department, or simply refer to our Drivers with Disabilities section for the state in question.

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