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  • Defensive Driving in Arizona

    Arizona Defensive Driving

    The Arizona Supreme Court approves defensive driving courses that allow you to:

    • Have a traffic ticket dismissed.
    • Avoid accumulating driving record points.
    • Earn an auto insurance discount.

    You can choose between a classroom or online course format. Each type of course will include lessons about safe driving and Arizona traffic laws. Completing a defensive driving course may be just what you need to prevent future traffic violations and accidents.

    On this page you’ll find information about Arizona defensive driving courses, your options for completing a course, and the steps you’ll need to take once you pass.

    If you are looking for information about traffic survival school, which is required if you commit serious traffic violations and accumulate too many driving record points, please visit our Traffic Schools in Arizona page.

    Taking Defensive Driving in Arizona

    Defensive driving courses can be taken online or in a classroom setting and are available to both Arizona drivers and out-of-state drivers who have committed a traffic violation in Arizona.

    Benefits of completing a defensive driving course include:

    • Dismissing your traffic ticket.
    • Avoiding additional driving record points.
    • Avoiding increased car insurance rates.

    Contact the Arizona Supreme Court or the AZ Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) location near you for information about defensive driving courses available to you.

    Dismiss AZ Traffic Tickets

    You’ll be eligible to use a defensive driving course to dismiss a traffic ticket if you:

    • Have not used a defensive driving course to dismiss a ticket within the past 24 months.
    • Are only dismissing 1 violation.
    • Were not in an accident that involved a serious injury or death.
    • Hold a non-commercial driver’s license.
    • Complete the course at least 7 days before your scheduled court date.

    For a complete list of traffic violations codes that are eligible for ticket dismissals, please visit the Arizona courts website.

    If you need an extension to complete your defensive driving course, contact the court that is handling your case.

    NOTE: If you are not an Arizona resident, you must coordinate with an Arizona-approved defensive driving school if you want to complete an out-of-state course.

    For a complete list of approved defensive driving courses for traffic citations received from the Paradise Valley Municipal Court, please visit the Paradise Valley Municipal Court list on the AZ judicial branch website.

    For a list of approved defensive driving schools for ALL OTHER COURTS, please visit the Arizona judicial branch website and choose your county.

    Arizona Driving Record Points

    When you are convicted of a traffic violation and cannot use a defensive driving course to dismiss the ticket, you’ll receive points on your Arizona driving record.

    Completing a defensive driving course cannot be used to remove existing points from your driving record.

    Too many driving record points can lead to driver’s license suspensions, revocations, fines, and other penalties.

    For more information, please visit our pages on the following topics:

    If you were charged with a serious traffic offense or have accumulated too many driving record points, you may need to complete traffic survival school rather than a defensive driving course. For more information, please visit our page on Traffic Schools in Arizona.

    Earn Car Insurance Discounts

    Completing a defensive driving course voluntarily may earn you a discount on your car insurance.

    Regardless of your age, your car insurance company may give you a discount on your auto insurance rates if you successfully complete a defensive driving course.

    For more information about your eligibility, please contact your car insurance provider.

    AZ Defensive Driving Course Details

    Regardless of whether you complete your defensive driving course online or in the classroom, you’ll cover topics including:

    • Defensive driving techniques.
    • Safe driving practices.
    • Arizona traffic laws and violations.

    Each course will include 4 hours to 4 1/2 hours of course material.

    Upon completing the course, you should receive a completion certificate, which you’ll likely need to submit to your court or insurance company.

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