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  • Paperwork When Selling a Car in Arizona

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    Title-Holding Details

    The holder of the title is the owner of the vehicle in the state of Arizona. The title must be signed over when the vehicle is sold, with the seller's signature notarized.

    The seller must provide the title at the time of delivery of the vehicle. If the lienholder still has the title, the seller must first obtain it from the lienholder. If the seller has lost the title, he or she must obtain a duplicate from the MVD before the sale can proceed.

    However, if you're selling your vehicle to a dealer but the lienholder still has the title, the dealer will have you sign a Dealer Acquisition Contract in order to complete the sale.

    A seller doesn't need to produce the vehicle registration at the time of the sale. But showing it to a prospective buyer might help facilitate the sale. For example, the buyer might be able to verify that the tags are legitimate, and that the vehicle has passed recent emissions tests.

    Bill of Sale

    A Bill of Sale will help ensure that your registration, insurance, and titling go smoothly. Even though the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) does not require that you file the Bill of Sale, having the signatures of both parties will protect both of you.

    If you have trouble downloading the Arizona MVD's version of the Bill of Sale, provides a generic form, too.

    Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability

    You must notify the state within 10 days of your car sale by submitting a Sold Notice. You can complete this form online.

    License Plate Refunds for Vehicle Sellers

    Private vehicle sellers may be eligible to receive refunds on fees associated with the license plates of the vehicle they sell because license plates belong to people, not vehicles.

    Find more details about buying and selling vehicles at the MVD's information page.

    Also see related articles at Car Registration and Title Transfers on this site.

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