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  • Boat Registration and Licenses in Arizona

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    AZ Boats Requiring Registration

    • Gas-powered boats.
    • Any boat powered by an electric motor, regardless of size or type.

    What Not to Register

    You don't have to register boats that are exclusively powered by oar, paddle, or sail.

    Boat Exemptions

    • Motorized lifeboats used only for rescue operations.
    • Boats used by U.S. Coast Guard.

    NOTE: Visiting boaters must have a current boat registration that adheres to the numbering system of your home state or the U.S. Coast Guard.

    Arizona Boat Requirements and Procedures

    When ownership of a boat changes, the new owner must notify the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

    AZ New Boat Registration

    To register your new boat, simply:

    1. Complete the registration application.
    2. Round up the license and registration fees (see fees below).
    3. Provide a bill of sale. It must include: your name and the seller's; the vessel's length; hull ID number; the boat's manufacturer; the purchase price; amount of sales tax paid.
    4. Manufacturer's Statement of Origin.
    5. Take the above materials to the Arizona Game and Fish office to obtain your registration.

    Used Boat Currently Registered in Arizona

    1. Complete the registration application.
    2. A bill of sale with your name and the seller's, the vessel's length, hull ID number, the boat's manufacturer, the purchase price and amount of sales tax paid.
    3. You will also need the current registration slip with the previous owner's signature (indicating release of the vessel).
    4. Don't forget payment for the registration, license, and transfer fees (see fees below).
    5. Take the above documents to the Arizona Game and Fish office to obtain your new registration.

    Used Boat Currently Registered in Another State

    1. Complete the registration application.
    2. Bring the title or registration from your previous state, if available.
    3. Have the payment for your registration fees (see fees below) and license tax.
    4. If you bought the vessel from a dealer, bring the bill of sale.
    5. Take all the necessary paperwork to the Arizona Game and Fish office to obtain your new registration.

    Additional Note

    When you obtain your registration, keep your certificate of number on board whenever your boat is in the water. Also attach your AZ number to the front half of your vessel on both sides along with your renewal decal.

    Arizona Boat Registration Fees

    Your fees depend on the length of your boat, and your residential status:


    • 12 ft or less: $20
    • 12 ft 1 in to 16 ft: $22
    • 16 ft 1 in to 20 ft: $30
    • 20 ft 1 in to 26 ft : $35
    • 26 ft 1 in to 39 ft: $39
    • 39 ft 1 in to 64 ft: $44
    • 64 ft 1 in and over: $66


    Non- residents will pay the residents fee above PLUS the additional non-resident Boating Safety Infrastructure fees for a total amount of:

    • 12 ft: $100
    • 12 ft 1 in to 16 ft: $110
    • 16 ft 1 in to 20 ft: $222
    • 20 ft 1 in to 26 ft: $259
    • 26 ft 1 in to 39 ft: $292
    • 39 ft 1 in to 64 ft: $330
    • 64 ft 1 inand over: $495

    Renewals and Replacements

    Because of Arizona's "staggered registration" plan your registration period will vary. Fees will be prorated accordingly, and you'll be notified of your boat registration's length, determined the last two digit's of your hull's number.

    You may renew your registration by:

    • Visiting a AZGFD office.
    • Mailing it to the address shown on your registration renewal form (processing may take up to 30 days).

    Replace a Lost Registration

    1. Complete a Certification of Loss form.
    2. Take it to a AZGFD office.
    3. You may also mail it to:
      • Game and Fish Department
      • 5000 W. Carefree Highway
      • Phoenix, AZ 85086-5000

    Arizona Boater License

    At this time, the state does not require boaters to obtain a boating license.

    For the latest on boater safety requirements consult the AZGFD watercraft section.

    AZ Boater Safety Courses

    Boating education is not required by the state, but it’s a good idea to learn as much as you can about safe boating practices.

    For info on boater’s education, check out, or download a copy of the state’s Laws and Regulations handbook.

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