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    While strives to give you easy-to-understand information, there might come a time when you need to read the government's language word for word. To go directly to the source and see a traffic law verbatim, just as it came out of the halls of a legislature, look no further.

    Each state has a collection of laws that are generally referred to as the vehicle code or traffic code. Most often the code is just one section in a state's massive book of legal statutes.

    Finding even the one section can be quite a challenge, and in some states it's close to impossible. Thankfully, at you don't have to search through volumes of government text to find the vehicle code―we've already done the legwork for you.

    Our vehicle code guides will link you directly to the online version of your state's driving- and vehicle-related laws, as well as highlight pertinent chapters that are of the most interest. We'll also explain how to search your state's legal database to find every mention of the topic you're looking for.

    So whether you want to find out if it's legal to make a right turn on red or what the penalties are for failing to maintain adequate car insurance, can take you directly to your state's vehicle code for answers.