Who Needs an ID Card?

Date posted: 06/11/2012

by Nadia Ibanez on
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674 Who Needs an ID Card?

You may take having an ID card for granted, but they’re used everywhere.

Think about it. You need an ID card:

  • At the airport.
  • When you want to see certain movies.
  • To confirm a hotel reservation.
  • To enter a bar or night club.
  • To show your residency when traveling abroad.

These days, you need an identification card even to purchase cold medicine!

Senior citizens who’ve given up the wheel, as well as folks who aren’t U.S. citizens or don’t drive for any reason (such as age), still have to prove their identities. That’s where identification cards come in handy.

Getting a State ID Card

No matter the reason you need an ID, your local DMV or state motor vehicle agency is usually the one to administer a state identification card.

Generally, only a few items are necessary when you apply for this card (but just like with drivers licenses, it’s important to have just the right documents).

Depending on which state you reside in, you will need or will need to provide:

  • A specific identification card application form.
  • Your Social Security number.
  • Proof of your birthday and residency.
  • Have your photo and thumbprint taken by an official staff member.
  • Pay a nominal fee.

Most states require a different fee and form of payment for an ID card, so make sure you do your homework on what your local branch needs. The time it takes to receive your identification card also varies so if you need your card in a hurry, make sure to plan ahead.

Do you use a state-issued ID card instead of a drivers license?

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