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Where to Get a Motorcycle Manual

Date posted: 06/24/2012

by Melissa Crumish on
in Education & Training

1048 Where to Get a Motorcycle ManualIf you’re in the process of obtaining a motorcyle license, your state’s motorcycle manual is a must read. This handy tome details everything you need to know to pass a motorcycle license test.

Topics include:

  • Helmet selection.
  • Proper clothing.
  • Choosing the right motorbike.
  • Body position when riding.
  • Braking and turning.
  • Maintaining proper distance.
  • Negotiating intersections.
  • Crossing grated bridges.
  • Handling curves.
  • Carrying passengers and cargo.
  • Group riding formations (i.e. riding with other motorcycles).
  • Wildlife on the road.
  • Increasing your visibility to other drivers.
  • Night riding tips.
  • The dangers of drinking and riding.

All motorcycle knowledge test questions are directly based on information detailed in the manual, making it your number one study source. Fortunately, motorcycle manuals are easy to obtain. To prepare for the written exam with sample test questions, take a few motorcycle license practice tests online.

Obtain Motorcycle Handbook In Person

You can grab a hard copy from a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) licensing office. Usually, the manual is free. Before visiting, call ahead and make sure copies are in stock. If the office is out of manuals, ask about having one mailed to your home address. Though not common, some DMV offices may accommodate your mail request.

Finding the Motorcycle Manual Online

If you prefer, download the motorcycle manual to your computer. It mirrors the hard copy version.

If you plan to print it, make sure the copier’s paper tray is full. Most motorcycle handbooks are at least 50 pages.

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