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Where to Get a Dealer Handbook

Date posted: 07/02/2012

by Kathy Teel on
in Buying & Selling

1284 Where to Get a Dealer HandbookOwning a car dealership means navigating a lot of dealer laws and regulations. States require tons of information, and there are mandated inspections and procedures that you must follow to keep the dealership open.

To help with compliance, dealer handbooks are available from each state, listing in minute detail all of the things a car dealer must know and keep in mind.

Finding a dealer handbook is often a problem in itself.

How to Acquire a Dealer Handbook

To acquire a dealer handbook, states sometimes offer a downloadable PDF copy for immediate download. Check our state-specific guide to Dealer Handbooks to get info on accessing one. We offer additional info under Dealer-Related Info on our Dealers & Auto Industry section.

Information in the Dealer Handbook

Expect a dealer manual to provide information about:

  • Acquiring the dealer license.
  • Dealer facility requirements.
  • Issuing temporary plates and tags.
  • License plate frames.
  • Vehicle acquisition.
  • Transfer requirements for new and used vehicles.
  • Previous owner information sticker.
  • Federal Trade Commission Buyers’ Guide sticker.
  • Dealer liability insurance.
  • Change of location or ownership.
  • Business names.
  • Advertising.
  • Sale of damaged or salvaged vehicles.
  • Prohibited practices.
  • Franchise protection statutes.
  • Off-site sales.

Do you have your dealer license? What was the most important part of the dealer manual for you?

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