Where to Find Your State’s Vehicle Code

Date posted: 07/26/2012

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2534 Where to Find Your States Vehicle Code

It’s no secret that there are many rules applicable to operating a vehicle on a U.S. roadway. However, keeping abreast all of the local and national statutes and regulations can get a bit confusing.

Fortunately, each state provides a vehicle code, also known as traffic code or motor vehicle code, which is a collection of vehicle- and driving-related laws and ordinances.

What is a Vehicle Code?

The vehicle code consists of general and specific rules of the rode, safety measures, and enforcement procedures.

Each state has its own designated code and will provide information about matters such as:

  • How to obtain a drivers license.
  • Vehicle registration laws.
  • Auto insurance requirements.
  • Traffic ticket penalties.
  • The state’s point system, if applicable, including how many points you can accumulate on your driving record before driver license suspension.

Although each state’s traffic code may have its variations, most of the information is relatively similar in order to create familiarity and uniformity while driving over state lines.

Where to Find a State’s Vehicle Code

One of the most efficient ways to find your state’s vehicle code is simply by searching online. Your state’s motor vehicle agency’s website will post likely point you in the right direction of the document, and many state legislatures provide vehicle code on their websites.

Some states will also have copies of the book at the local vehicle registration agency. Depending on where you live, there may be a fee involved for the purchase of the book.

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