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When to Shop Around for Car Insurance

Date posted: 06/30/2012

by Kathy Teel on
in Insurance

1177 When to Shop Around for Car Insurance

Unless you live in New Hampshire, if you own a car you need car insurance, and today there are more carrier and coverage choices than ever.

If you’ve been using the same auto insurance for a long time, it might be time to compare insurance policies and insurance quotes. You might be able to get a better deal or a more suitable insurance policy.

When You Might Need New Auto Insurance

There are times in your life when you might consider shopping around for a new car insurance policy.

For example, it’s a good idea to compare insurance rates if:

  • You’re over 25. If you were younger than 25 when you first got your policy, you were considered a risk. Now that you’re older, you probably want an auto insurance policy that reflects your age.
  • You get married. It’s likely your car insurance company assumes that if you’re married, you’re more responsible and less of a risk – many do. If you’re recently married, it’s a good time to look into couple or family car insurance policies.
  • Your teenager starts driving. The addition of a new teen driver to your car insurance policy will result in changes to your family’s policy. Teen drivers are traditionally more expensive to insure, so shopping around for a new policy is a good idea at this time.
  • You drive less than you used to. Maybe you’re getting older, or you moved to an area with more public transportation, or gotten a job closer to home. If you drive fewer miles, you may not need as much auto insurance.

Other Reasons to Shop Around for Car Insurance

  • Your credit score has improved since you first got your current auto insurance policy.
  • Your driving record has improved – or worsened – since you first acquired your policy. Having points removed or getting traffic tickets both can affect your insurance rates.
  • Comparing insurance policies with an online or national company can provide a lower insurance quote than your current insurer.
  • You’re eligible for discounts, such as those for a good driving record, good grades, military, or passing a driver’s education course.

When was the last time you compared auto insurance rates?

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