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Types of Traffic Schools

Date posted: 07/14/2012

by Alicia Sparks on
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1977 Types of Traffic SchoolsNumerous types of traffic schools exist, and the exact type you attend will depend on:

  • The reason you’re attending.
  • The course method or format.
  • Whether you need approval.

Courts, the DMV, your insurance agency – these entities can give you more specific information about traffic schools for your purposes, but you can use the outline below to get started.

Reasons to Attend Traffic School

Typically, the reason for the traffic school indicates the type of traffic school.

Depending on your situation, you might attend traffic school because:

  • Your judge ordered it as part of sentencing.
  • You can reduce driving record points.
  • Your court will dismiss a traffic ticket.
  • Your traffic violation was such that your judge feels you need a refresher (DUI or DWI, reckless driving, illegally passing – these kinds of dangerous offenses).
  • Your car insurance provider offers auto insurance discounts.
  • You feel traffic school or a defensive driving course would benefit you due to age or inexperience.

So, say your judge orders you to attend traffic school because the court convicted you of DUI. Most likely, you traffic school will focus on drunk driving.

Likewise, if you’re attending because of receiving too many speeding tickets or for reckless driving, the course will focus on aggressive driving dangers and defensive driving benefits.

Classroom vs. Online Traffic School

Perhaps the three most common types of traffic school formats are:

  • Classroom instruction.
  • Online courses.
  • Book, audio, or video courses (or some combination of the three).

The course you choose will depend on your state’s requirements and what’s best for your schedule and learning style.

Finding Traffic Schools in Your Area

IMPORTANT: If you’re enrolling in traffic school because –

  • Your judge ordered you to enroll due to traffic tickets or other violations,
  • You want to reduce driving record points, or
  • You want an auto insurance discount,

– you must make sure the course is a state-approved (or insurance provider-approved) one. Otherwise, you won’t get the credit you’re seeking. This includes whether you must attend a classroom course or if online traffic school – or some other format – is okay.

Generally, the institution will tell you which traffic schools are acceptable. For example:

Your judge or court clerk will tell you which traffic school you must attend.
The DMV or other state driver licensing agency will provide a list of traffic schools for removing driving record points.
Your car insurance provider will tell you which courses are acceptable for getting a discount.

You can also contact your DMV as well as search your state’s driver handbook for listings.

Have you ever attended traffic school or a defensive driving course? How did it go?

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