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Dealer Forms You Might Need as an Auto Dealer or Car Salesman

Date posted: 08/06/2012

by Kathy Teel on
in Buying & Selling

4557 Dealer Forms You Might Need as an Auto Dealer or Car SalesmanJust like any other professional, auto dealers have a lot of paperwork. In fact, because dealers are so heavily regulated by state and local authorities, they may have more paperwork than most.

Dealer and Salesman Forms Checklist

Here are a few types of dealer forms you might use if you work as a car salesperson in the auto industry:

  • Bills of Sale. These are forms which record the specific car sold to the purchaser, on the specific date, at the specific locality.
  • Trade-in Equity Disclosure Statements. These statements record a purchaser’s equity in a used car (whether it is positive or negative).
  • Motor Vehicle Inventory Tax Statements. The dealer sends these monthly statements of new and used car sales to the state comptroller.
  • Odometer Disclosure Statements. The dealer records the mileage on a new or used car on these statements.
  • Test Drive Agreements. When a purchaser wants to test drive a vehicle, he or she signs this agreement saying that they will return the car by a specific time.
  • Privacy Statements. Privacy statements say that the car dealership will keep personal information collected from a purchaser private.
  • Notices of Liability Insurance Requirement. A document saying the purchaser understands his or her need to maintain liability insurance on a used or new car.
  • Delivery and Acceptance Statements. The purchaser signs these documents indicating he or she understands the terms and conditions of the auto sale.
  • Used Car Appraisal Forms. These statements finalize the trade-in value of a used car.
  • Commission Vouchers. Auto dealers use these forms to tally the car salesperson’s commission for selling a new or used car.

Car dealers or car salesmen can get any of these forms from their state’s DMV offices. They can either visit the office in person, or download them from the state DMV website.

Are you a car dealer who’s had to complete other types of auto sales paperwork? Share with us in the comments below!

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