Top Ways to Prepare for the Motorcycle Test

Date posted: 06/08/2012

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671 Top Ways to Prepare for the Motorcycle TestAs the price of gas climbs, drivers look for alternative, cost-efficient ways to get from Point A to Point B. Motorcycles are a fun way to get around and save money on fuel. But before the state will hand over a motorcycle license, you must first pass a motorcycle test.

Tips to Prepare for Your Motorcycle Test

Here are some of the top ways to prepare to pass the motorcycle test and be on your way to earning a license.

Study the Motorcycle Manual

Your state’s motorcycle manual will be the basis of these test questions so pick one up or download one online. Become familiar with the traffic rules and regulations, road signs and motorcycle riding best practices. You’ll see them all very soon on the actual written test.

Take Motorcycle Practice Tests

A motorcycle test will assess your knowledge on rules, operations, and safety. While you might find some sample test questions in the motorcycle manual, you can also easily access some motorcycle practice test questions online. You can even access road sign practice tests online as well. The more familiar you become with test questions, the more likely you’ll be to pass the state test the first time around.

Enroll in a Motorcycle Safety Course

Enrolling in a driver’s training course for motorcycles is another way to prepare yourself for driving on the road, as well as testing what you learned. Check our page on obtaining a motorcycle license for info on rider education courses.

Most states have partnerships with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation; some even waive certain parts of the testing process for applicants who complete an approved course. This doesn’t mean getting your motorcycle license is any less thorough a process; it simply means the state recognizes (and in most cases, isn’t going to make you repeat) the work you did during the approved training course.

The path to earning a motorcycle license prepares you for safe riding. What most excites you about exploring the open road on two wheels?


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