Top Studying Tools to Prepare for a Driver’s License Test

Date posted: 06/01/2012

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396 Top Studying Tools to Prepare for a Driver’s License TestWhen you’re well-prepared, test taking becomes less nerve-wracking. The more you get ready to ace your driver’s license test, the sooner you can taste the sweet freedom of (very carefully and responsibly) driving on the open road.

Driver’s License Test Study Tools

Fortunately, there are plenty of tools, both online and offline, to help  new drivers pass their license test the first time around. Here are some of the top studying tools to prepare for your next driver’s license exam.

DMV Practice Tests

Start your journey to success with DMV practice tests and a road sign practice test. Sample questions will look very similar to the actual test and will help prepare you for the real day. Try timing yourself to really get a grasp of how the actual test day will feel.

State’s Driver Handbook

Study your state’s driver handbook. This handbook will become your bible and you’ll want to read it front to back multiple times. All of the questions from the driving test will be derivative from the handbook so pay close attention. Practice questions do not appear on the actual test so there’s no use in memorizing all of the questions beforehand.

Driver Education Courses

Taking an online driver’s ed course is a great way to prepare for your driver’s test. If your state doesn’t approve online courses, you might also consider taking a classroom course. Many states require teens to complete these courses before earning their licenses; others simply encourage first-time applicants to enroll so they can learn how to drive as well as master the state’s driving rules and regulations.

Instructors will inform you about what will be asked of you during the driver test and offer studying tools and resources to fully understand the driver handbook.

Extra Driver License Test Tips

Once you have your preferred studying tool in place, you’ll want to start taking notes from the handbook and practice test – especially in often-confusing areas such as:

  • Road sign meanings.
  • Speed limits for different areas (such as highways vs. school zones).
  • Right-of-way rules.

Jot down rules and regulations so they become second nature to you.

Also keep in mind that your state may only allow you to take the driver’s test before you’ll be asked to come back at a later time when you are more prepared. Remember to pay attention to which practice tests you take as your state may offer different categories (commercial, motorcycle, or regular) of licenses.

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