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Extra Costs Coming Your Way, Michigan Motorists

by Bridget Clerkin on

Michigan may be the birthplace of the car, but instead of paying homage to the state’s rich automotive history, residents are simply being asked to pay. Another vehicle-related rate hike went into effect in the Great Lakes State earlier this month, this one asking residents for an extra $10 per car, truck, or bus covered […]

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Five Reasons Why You’re Buying the Wrong Car Insurance by Bridget Clerkin on

While buying car insurance is not the same thing as purchasing, say, peanut butter (unfortunately, there are no Sunday Savers with pages of car insurance coupons), a little thought and know-how could be the difference between paying hundreds of extra dollars a year. Luckily, like all skill sets, the art of savvy spending can be […]

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Louisiana Police Will Have Instant Insurance Information by Bridget Clerkin on

Those who don’t pay for insurance are about to pay for their actions in Louisiana. The Pelican State has adopted a system that will allow its state police troopers to have real-time information on the car insurance of those they pull over in routine stops or otherwise. The Louisiana State Police kicked off the first […]

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Minnesota DPS Wants to See Your Proof of Insurance by Bridget Clerkin on

If you’re planning on visiting the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) next year, you better ensure you’re insured first. A new law passed in the North Star State expands the number of transactions that will require proof of car insurance. The legislation affects those who need to: Register a car or motorcycle. Renew license […]

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Sasquatch Crossing
Comprehensive Car Insurance Coverage and Sasquatch by Angelo Ilumba on

The Pacific Northwest is known for its lush and beautiful forests. While these forests are a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and photographers, they are also considered the home for one of the world’s most elusive creatures: Sasquatch. Now, we aren’t going to take sides on this controversial topic. Bigfoot may or may not exist, but for […]

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The History of Car Insurance by Angelo Ilumba on

While the majority of adults are required to have car insurance, many of us are unaware of the how and why car insurance ever came to be. We’ll discuss how insurance began and the history of auto insurance. The Beginning of Insurance It is believed that the concept of insurance is as old as humanity […]

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