Make Your Next Relocation Easier

Date posted: 07/27/2012

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3444 Make Your Next Relocation Easier

Whether you plan your relocation months in advance or save all your packing until the last minute, moving can be stressful.

Make your next move easier with these relocation tips.

Unload Some Moving Costs

The costs of moving add up. Plus, the financial burden of moving can add stress to an already intense relocation process.

Consider these helpful tips to cut down on your relocation costs:

  • Have a yard sale. Not only will you make money from selling old items, you will reduce the amount of stuff you need to move. When you have less to move, your moving costs may go down.
  • Reuse, recycle, and repurpose. If you have old boxes lying around you can repurpose them for packing. Local storeowners might be willing to give you some used boxes for free, too. Also,¬†you can repurpose common household items to assist you in your move. Rather than running to the store to buy styrofoam peanuts, perhaps you can use an old blanket or crumpled up newspaper to pad your boxes. Get creative!
  • Enlist your friends. If you can’t afford to hire a moving company, ask a few buddies to help you out. Take them to dinner or give them a gift as a small token of your appreciation for their hard work.
  • Plan your meals. Once you start packing your kitchen appliances and plateware, you might find yourself eating out or ordering takeout more than usual. Eating out often costs much more than making a meal at home. So, plan a few meals in advance that you can cook quickly, easily, and with few kitchen appliances.

Hire Moving Help

Hiring professionals to help with your relocation can remove a lot of the burdens of your move – literally. Not only can you hire someone to do the heavy lifting, you can hire someone to pack.

Read on for a quick list of moving services that might ease your move.

  • Moving companies. Often, moving companies will help you from start to finish with your relocation: from packing up your boxes, to loading your belongings, to unpacking in your new home. You decide how much help you want along the way and pay accordingly.
  • Specialty moving companies. If you have a specialty item like a piano, you might want to hire a specialized moving service. These companies provide unique expertise in moving “handle with care” items.
  • Auto rental companies. Unless you happen to have a tractor trailer or small airplane parked in your driveway, you might need to rent a moving van to help you transport your belongings. Moving vehicle rentals range in size from small vans to large trailers.
  • Storage unit companies. If you just don’t know what to do with all of your stuff, you might want to stow some items away for a while. Storage units help keep your belongings under lock and key until you’re ready for them.

Have you relocated recently? Share your stress-reducing moving tips in the comments section below.

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