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Researching Traffic Ticket Penalties for Road Sign Violations

Date posted: 08/01/2012

by Melissa Crumish on
in Tickets & Violations

35641 Researching Traffic Ticket Penalties for Road Sign Violations

When preparing to take a permit test, studying traffic signs is a must. Every drivers license test contains several traffic sign questions.

To help yourself prepare, study your state’s drivers manual. Inside you’ll find an entire section devoted to traffic signs, and maybe even one or two road sign practice tests.

In addition, you should also take the time to research the penalties associated with a road sign violation. This in all probability will not appear on the drivers license test (exam questions are only based on material covered in driver manuals), but serves purpose when you begin driving. Knowing the penalties, the ultimate deterrents, translates into better defensive driving practices.

Where to Find Traffic Penalties

Keep in mind that when ticketed, the citing officer does not decide the fine. These are established by state officials, as dictated in your state’s statutes, or what is often referred to as your state’s vehicle code.

You can access your state’s vehicle code online. In most cases it will be conveniently divided by topics. The traffic ticket chapter (this may go under many names including “Traffic Violations” or “Traffic Offenses”) explains different violations – running a red light, failure to yield… – in full detail.

You’ll learn:

  • Approximate fines. These may vary dependent on whether the violation involved an accident.
  • Assigned points, if applicable to your state.
  • If other possible penalties – license suspension, revocation, jail, community service – may be involved.

Take a DMV Practice Test

Before taking the actual license test, gauge your readiness by taking at least one road sign practice test. Even if you have full grasp of the material, the practice test will at least prepare you on how the multiple choice questions are framed and asked.

Have you ever received a road sign violation? What penalties did you endure?

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