PennDOT: No More Registration Stickers Needed

Date posted: 02/23/2016

by Bridget Clerkin on
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penn PennDOT: No More Registration Stickers NeededThe Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is putting registration stickers in its rearview mirror.

The state agency will no longer issue or require registration stickers for license plates beginning December 31, 2016.

Residents of the Keystone State will still have to register their vehicles; however, the procedure will look slightly different than it does currently.

Residents will be able to pay for the registration online or through a mobile device. After paying the fee, Pennsylvanians can print and sign a permanent registration credential and be finished with the process, as opposed to waiting for a sticker to be sent through the mail.

While stickers will no longer be necessary, PA residents will still need to keep a valid and current registration card that can be presented to law enforcement officers upon request. The card will be required to be shown at safety inspections, as well.

Police, for their part, will be outfitted with real-time electronic access to the PennDOT database, which will include registration information.

Initially passed in November 2013, the commonwealth’s law is estimated to save PA more than $1 million annually in related costs.

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