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News & Industry Trends Man driving and using phone April is Distracted Driving Month by Theresa Fine on

Are You a Distracted Driver? You’ve seen a woman on the phone drift across lanes. You’ve seen a man brushing his hair slam on his brakes. You’ve seen a teen texting and almost hit another car. You’ve probably been that woman, man, or teen, and you’ve probably experienced those close calls firsthand. But have you […]

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Insurance Two women discussing paperwork The History of Car Insurance by Angelo Ilumba on

While the majority of adults are required to have car insurance, many of us are unaware of the how and why car insurance ever came to be. We’ll discuss how insurance began and the history of auto insurance. The Beginning of Insurance It is believed that the concept of insurance is as old as humanity […]

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Safety & Driving The Truth Will Set You (Hands) Free article Distracted Driving Awareness Quiz by Jen Lamboy on

We hear it all the time: Driving and cell phones don’t mix. Yet auto accidents involving drivers on their cell phones increasingly plague our roads.’s solution: Raise awareness! Take our Distracted Driving Awareness Quiz and let the truth be your guide.

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Tickets & Violations Drunk looking man on tricycle Bicycling While Boozing by Jeff Wozer on

Yesterday’s Bike to Work Day had many car hounds scratching their heads as they noticed an inordinate number of people walking around the office with matted bike-helmet hair, shouting “on your left” while walking past in the hallway. But for those who have been well aware that National Bike Month is upon us—those who’ve been […]

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License & Endoresements State of Alabama Alabama to Close 31 Driver’s License Offices by Bridget Clerkin on

Feeling the squeeze of a constricted budget, Alabama’s chief enforcement officer announced that 31 of the state’s 78 driver’s license offices will be closed, starting October 1. Affected centers include: The Russellville office on North Jackson Avenue. The Moulton office on Market Street. As well as offices located in the counties of: Baldwin. Bibb. Bullock. […]

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Registration & Titling VW-TDI-Recall VW Diesel Scandal & DMV Implications by Bridget Clerkin on

Once a leading voice in the “clean diesel” movement, Volkswagen admitted earlier this month that they had been playing dirty after all, producing cars that not only pollute the air at an illegal rate, but appear to be cleaner than they actually are, by “cheating” on emissions tests. DMV Implications Since the news broke, it […]

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Moving & Traveling Cars In An Intersection Learning the Traffic Laws of a Foreign Country by Kat Saks on

While traveling abroad can be a big adventure, driving abroad can be an even bigger adventure. When you travel internationally and get behind the wheel, you don’t just experience foreign sights; you experience foreign traffic laws, too. Learn more about how to study foreign traffic laws and obey the rules of the road overseas. Carry […]

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Buying & Selling Painted Volkwagen van What Your Car Says About You by Jeff Wozer on

Just as you are what you eat, you also are what you drive. The type of vehicle you own conveys insight on your personality, your likes and dislikes, your hobbies, preferred pets and more. Minivan cheers and hoots: You spend every weekend pretending you like all the other parents at your child’s soccer games. Street […]

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