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News & Industry Trends Car of future Ford’s $1 Billion Idea: Investing in a Small but Mighty Driverless Vehicle Start-Up by Tierney Brannigan on

Earlier this month, the automobile industry witnessed an alliance that tells an alternate version of the David and Goliath story. Argo AI, a four-man-team artificial intelligence (AI) start-up, received a $1 billion investment from Ford, one of the largest automakers in the world. The $1 billion will be dispersed over the course of 5 years […]

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Insurance people on the move in Bourbon street at night Louisiana Police Will Have Instant Insurance Information by Bridget Clerkin on

Those who don’t pay for insurance are about to pay for their actions in Louisiana. The Pelican State has adopted a system that will allow its state police troopers to have real-time information on the car insurance of those they pull over in routine stops or otherwise. The Louisiana State Police kicked off the first […]

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Safety & Driving essential oils and medical flowers herbs Aromatherapy on the Road: Oils Essential to a Safer Car Ride by Tierney Brannigan on

Getting behind the wheel can bring out a whole other side of our personalities—and not our good side. If you’re looking for a way to placate that inner Mr. Hyde of a commuter, look no further than aromatherapy. Get the Essentials Essential oils are gaining popularity in professional and personal environments, not just for their […]

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Tickets & Violations Smoking Computer with No Heartbeat Vermont DMV Hampered by Old Computers by Bridget Clerkin on

Up to 3,000 traffic cases in Vermont may be affected by the state Judicial Bureau’s outdated computer system, essentially causing the Green Mountain State to temporarily stop prosecuting one of its most common crimes. The antiquated system has muddled the lines of communication between the bureau and the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), therefore […]

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License & Endorsements Paper shredder in an office NM MVD on Verge of Destroying Thousands of Licenses by Bridget Clerkin on

Trouble finding your New Mexico driver’s license? You might want to check the Santa Fe Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office before it’s too late Nearly 3,000 licenses have been returned to the state agency already this year, and with more and more filing cabinets being filled with the repossessed IDs, the MVD is getting ready […]

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Registration & Titling Car Emissions Measurement. Photo taken with SAMSUNG GALAXY K zoom Illinois Emissions Tests—And Reminders—Are Back Again by Bridget Clerkin on

Need to renew your registration in Illinois? You’ll have to get in line—and it may take a while. Illinois drivers are now required to have an emissions test performed on their vehicle before they can renew their registration. It sounds like a routine regulation, but it’s the second time this year the Prairie State has […]

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Moving & Traveling Family Unpacking Boxes in New Home Moving Your Family: Tips for Moving with Kids by Kat Saks on

Moving can be tough, especially when you have a family and you’re moving out of state. All the packing, the goodbyes to old friends, and the readjustment to a new city – moving can take its toll on kids. Learn how to make your next relocation easier on your family with these simple tips. Start […]

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Buying & Selling Buying a new car can be as simple as downloading the perfect app. Top Car-Buying Apps by Tierney Brannigan on

Thanks to the convenience of mobile applications, the days of visiting car lots and dealing with pushy salespeople are over. You can now do most of your auto comparing and shopping whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you, as long as you have a smart phone. We’ve tested some of the top car shopping apps […]

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