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News & Industry Trends Red and blue flashing lights of the police car SD Police Will Know Exactly How Much Green You’ve Had This St. Patrick’s Day, Thanks to New Drugged Driving Detector by Bridget Clerkin on

St. Patrick’s Day is perhaps best known for its raucous parties—and, unfortunately, its spate of deadly drunken driving incidents—so it’s no surprise that the San Diego Police Department chose the day to debut a new tool that can not only detect the green beer in your bloodstream, but a certain other green substance, among a […]

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Insurance asap Five Reasons Why You’re Buying the Wrong Car Insurance by Bridget Clerkin on

While buying car insurance is not the same thing as purchasing, say, peanut butter (unfortunately, there are no Sunday Savers with pages of car insurance coupons), a little thought and know-how could be the difference between paying hundreds of extra dollars a year. Luckily, like all skill sets, the art of savvy spending can be […]

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Safety & Driving Golden Retriever Looking Out Of Car Window Riding with Rover: 10 Must-Haves for Driving with Your Dog by Tierney Brannigan on

If you’re a dog owner, you want that fantastic little fur ball with you as much as possible. Transporting your canine companion can be tricky though; from battling fur storms to soothing car-induced anxiety, driving with Fido can work YOU like a dog. Don’t worry—we’ll throw you a bone! The products below are sure to […]

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Tickets & Violations Smoking Computer with No Heartbeat Vermont DMV Hampered by Old Computers by Bridget Clerkin on

Up to 3,000 traffic cases in Vermont may be affected by the state Judicial Bureau’s outdated computer system, essentially causing the Green Mountain State to temporarily stop prosecuting one of its most common crimes. The antiquated system has muddled the lines of communication between the bureau and the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), therefore […]

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License & Endorsements Elegant fashionable plastic women's sunglasses on interior car dashboard. Pimp My Rideshare: 12 Vital Lyft and Uber Life Hacks by Tierney Brannigan on

If you have a love of meeting strangers, a tendency to keep your car clean, and you like being in control of an accelerating 2,000-pound hunk of plastic and metal, a career as a rideshare driver may be right for you. But wait! Before you start chauffeuring for the people, make sure your ride is […]

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Registration & Titling Car Emissions Measurement. Photo taken with SAMSUNG GALAXY K zoom Illinois Emissions Tests—And Reminders—Are Back Again by Bridget Clerkin on

Need to renew your registration in Illinois? You’ll have to get in line—and it may take a while. Illinois drivers are now required to have an emissions test performed on their vehicle before they can renew their registration. It sounds like a routine regulation, but it’s the second time this year the Prairie State has […]

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Moving & Traveling Family Unpacking Boxes in New Home Moving Your Family: Tips for Moving with Kids by Kat Saks on

Moving can be tough, especially when you have a family and you’re moving out of state. All the packing, the goodbyes to old friends, and the readjustment to a new city – moving can take its toll on kids. Learn how to make your next relocation easier on your family with these simple tips. Start […]

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Buying & Selling 2017 Soul Turbo Review: 2017 Kia Soul! by Angelo Ilumba on

Despite its polarizing “boxiness,” the Kia Soul has gained a loyal fan base over the years, and has easily become one of the Korean carmaker’s best selling vehicles. Of course you don’t obtain loyal fans without listening to them, and that’s just what Kia has done with the new Soul! (Exclaim). Kia Soul enthusiasts have […]

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