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Recent News Water droplet in life preserver ring August 30-Day Green Challenge: Navy Showers by Jen Lamboy on

Navy shower. Sailor shower. Military shower. Call it what you like, mate, “power showers” are the focus of August’s 30-Day Green Challenge. What is a Navy Shower? A navy shower is the power nap of the water world, the express lane of the suds stand. More specifically, it’s a showering method where the showeree turns […]

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Drivers in the Military Men in the Military Pre-Deployment Checklist: What to Take Care of Before You Relocate by Melissa Crumish on

Deployment for any armed forces member – Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force – is difficult. There are many things to consider, including }household finances, family, housing issues, banking and legal affairs, medical concerns, and vehicle matters. To help mitigate last-second pressures, it’s best to prepare before your military deployment orders come through, and while there […]

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Insurance Center My Roommate Crashed My Car by Amanda Lautieri on

I let my roommate Sarah borrow my car for work one day last year. Her car was in the shop and I thought it would be no big deal for her to take it for the day. Well, she was running late and caused a crash on the way there, and guess what—I was responsible […]

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Reports & Records Woman Looking at Calendar Planner Length of Time Covered in a Background Check by Kat Saks on

Criminal background checks can provide a great deal of information about a person’s past. But, when you perform a background check, just how far can you walk down memory lane? Read on to learn more about the length of time covered in a background check. Background Check Time Periods Vary The length of time covered […]

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Safety & Driving Dog in woods Traveling With Pets Part 3: Keep Pets Calm and Relaxed by Alicia Sparks on

You’re probably used to the idyllic image of a shaggy-haired, happy-go-lucky pooch hanging his head out the window of an old beat up pickup truck. His tongue’s flapping in the wind as he and his lucky owner roll on down the road. Well, road trips don’t always happen that way (nor should they, for pet […]

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Tickets & Violations Committing a DUI in California could cost you over $45,000 in insurance, fines, attorney, towing and storage, and license reinstatement costs. The Real Cost of a DUI in California by Angelo Ilumba on

Most of us are well aware of the dangers of drinking and driving. The exponentially increased risk of hurting yourself and others in an accident should be more than enough to deter everyone from driving under the influence (DUI). Still, just to make the case against drinking and driving even stronger we can take a […]

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Drivers License & ID Registered Organ Donors Wanted April is National Donate Life Month by Amanda Lautieri on

This April marks the 11th year of National Donate Life Month and your chance to make a difference in the lives of others. The Incredible Impact of Organ Donation National Donate Life Month is the perfect time to make your commitment to saving lives. You might be surprised to find out that: More than 120,000 […]

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Address & Name Change Newlyweds Signing Documents Checklist: Where to Change Your Name by Melissa Crumish on

This may be difficult to fathom, but name change notification does not stop at Facebook or Twitter. There are other authorities to notify should your name change due to: Marriage Divorce Court order Certificate of Naturalization showing new name Who to Notify of Your Name Change To begin, focus on updating your identification by notifying: […]

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