Online Drivers Ed: Learning to Drive Online

Date posted: 06/21/2012

by Josh Tyson on
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2826 Online Drivers Ed: Learning to Drive Online

Most states require applicants to take some sort of driver education class in some sort of driving school before getting that coveted piece of laminate, the driver’s license. For some teen drivers and adult applicants, an online driving class is possible.

That’s right, you can learn driving basics online in this day and age, and the training will help you to ace your written exam and give you extra confidence when you get in the car with that stern weirdo clutching a clipboard and a red pen.

Finding Online Driver Education Courses

Some state agencies and many third-party driving schools offer online drivers ed. This method of teaching allows for:

  • Frequent course interaction.
  • A positive study environment.
  • Self-paced learning.
  • Freedom to study when you’re ready.
  • More visually stimulating study material.

To find a Driver’s Ed course, check your state DMV’s website for a list of approved providers. If a list isn’t provided or you found a driver’s education course elsewhere, be sure you check that it will count towards getting your driver’s license before you enroll.

Enroll in an Approved Online Driving School

Just as you would with regular classroom driver education, you must make sure your Department of Motor Vehicles approved the online driving school you’re considering. Fortunately, most state’s provide a list of approved driver’s ed classes, and this list will include any approved online courses.

If you’re not sure about a particular course, you can contact your DMV and speak with an agent.

Do you plan on taking online drivers ed, or have you already taken one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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