Oklahoma Licenses, State ID Cards May Have Errors

Date posted: 05/02/2016

by Bridget Clerkin on
in License & Endorsements

uglyBadge Oklahoma Licenses, State ID Cards May Have Errors

Holographic security seals have been misplaced on several OK driver’s license and ID cards.

If you’ve recently gotten your Oklahoma license or state ID card, you may want to double-check the document: state officials say some of the IDs were printed with errors.

The issue revolves around the holographic image of the state security emblem included on the cards. The hologram should only appear on the front/photograph side of the card, while the flawed IDs and licenses show the image on the back of the document or not at all.

While Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) officials say that the cards are still technically considered valid, the error may cause confusion and delays at many establishments, including airports, banks, and federal buildings.

The state agency is urging anyone whose license or state ID is missing the hologram or has it printed on the back of the card to return to the motor license agency (tag agency) where the flawed document was issued. You will be given a new license or ID free of charge.

To determine which tag agency issued your card, find the four-digit number printed in the top right-hand corner of the photograph side of the license or ID. You can then check that number against the DPS’ list of tag agency identification numbers.

Questions or concerns can be directed to the DPS Driver License Help Desk at (405) 425-2020.

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