Motorcycle Buying: 8 Tips to Score Your Perfect Motorcycle

Date posted: 07/03/2012

by Melissa Crumish on
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1282 Motorcycle Buying: 8 Tips to Score Your Perfect Motorcycle

So, you have your motorcycle license and now you want to put it to use. Well, you can’t just buy the first two-wheeled motorbike that comes along, can you?

Understand that buying a motorcycle, especially if you’re a first time rider, requires more than a test spin around the block.

To help you find the perfect motorcycle, consider the following buying tips:

1. Consider Your Riding Experience Level

Find a motorcycle that matches your riding level. Many new riders make the mistake of shopping for image rather than for a bike suited for  their riding abilities. Consequently, they end up with 300-pound hog sporting a 600 cc engine, unable to accelerate from any residential stop sign without popping a wheelie.

If you’re new to motorbikes, shop small. Consider a 250cc bike. Gain riding confidence with a slower bike before upgrading to a larger motorcycle.

2. Think About You’ll Use the Motorcycle

Decide your motorcycle riding intentions. Will you only ride it to and from work or school in city traffic? Or, do you want a bike for cruising the backroads of America? Are you looking for a motorcycle for off-road riding?

Motorcycles today are highly specialized. Make sure, for example, you don’t agree to a dirt bike when your intent is for road-tripping across North America.

3. Bikes Should Fit Their Riders

Make sure your bike fits your size. Sit on it. Take it for test ride. If your feet cannot touch the ground while sitting in the saddle, look for a bike with a smaller frame.

4. Think Twice About Bells and Whistles

Unless you’re a seasoned rider confident of your riding abilities, avoid buying a bike with fancy fairings. Most new riders drop their motorcycles at least once during the first month of ownership, permanently marring the fairings with costly dents and road scratches.

5. Assess Your Budget

How much do you want to spend? New motorcycles obviously come with higher price tags. You can find some new bikes for under $5,000. Or, if money is not a consideration, consider  a high-end bike, loaded with accessories, in the $25,000 range. Or if you’re on a tight budget, consider shopping in the used motorcycles market.

6. Consider Used Motorcycles

If you’re considering a used motorcycle, protect yourself by researching the bike your eyeing. Even if you know the seller, it’s important to still do your homework.

Start by ordering a motorcycle history report. From it you’ll learn the bike’s ownership tree, service records, and accident history  Next, have the bike inspected by a certified mechanic, paying close attention for hidden flaws, or potential problems down the road that could potentially cost you a fortune in repairs.

7. Shop Around

Don’t buy the first bike you see. Get an idea of what’s on the market. You’ll increase your chances of finding a better deal.

8. Get Some Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

Before buying, make sure you can afford the motorcycle’s insurance. You can’t register the bike without it.

Did we miss any buying tips? Share your motorcycle knowledge with our community by leaving a comment below.

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