Learn the Difference Between Drivers Ed and Driver Training

Date posted: 06/21/2012

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995 Learn the Difference Between Drivers Ed and Driver TrainingLearning how to drive as a teen driver isn’t easy. Fortunately, states offer driver’s education and driver training classes to ease the learning process.

Some teens may get the two confused. To help you out,  here’s a breakdown of the difference between driver’s ed and driver training.

What Is Drivers Ed?

Teens can enroll in a variety of driver’s ed courses, including classroom and online courses taught in high schools or through colleges or third-party companies. Requirements vary by state.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Traffic codes and laws.
  • Proper spacing while driving.
  • Reading road conditions.
  • Identifying traffic signs.
  • Sharing the road.
  • The dangers of drinking and driving.

Most courses combine instructional videos with classroom training and a specified number of hours of supervised driving.

Your state might require drivers education before you can apply for a driver’s license. Check your state’s driver handbook or consult the DMV.

So, That Means Driver Training Is…?

Drivers training, sometimes referred to as behind-the-wheel training, is simply in-car instruction with a licensed instructor. It allows the student to experience driving in real road conditions. There are no classroom sessions. The car, in a sense, is the schoolroom.

The student takes the wheel while the instructor sits in the passenger seat (don’t worry, it has its own set of fully-functioning pedal controls!) supervising.

Depending on your state, in most instances you will be required to log additional hours, outside of class, with another licensed driver (usually older than 21, but sometimes older than 25 – it depends on the state).  Typically these hours must be logged before applying for a driver’s license.

Your driver handbook or local DMV can provide more details about completing driver training and moving on in the drivers license process.

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