Learn How to Use Your State’s Vehicle Code

Date posted: 07/26/2012

by Melissa Crumish on
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2508 Learn How to Use Your States Vehicle Code

Knowing where to find and how to use vehicle code is good to know should you ever need help in understanding how traffic tickets can influence your drivers license as well as points on your driving record.

But, because each vehicle code differs, you must make sure you access the one specific for your state.

How to Find Your State’s Vehicle Code

You can easily find an unabridged version of your state’s vehicle code online. Check for a link of it on your Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) website.

If you can’t find a link on your DMV’s Web page, try searching for it on the Internet by typing in your state’s name followed by the words “vehicle code” or visiting your state’s legislature website.

How to Use Your State’s Vehicle Code

Once you locate your state’s vehicle code, you’ll find most online versions are broken down into category links. Some of these may include:

  • Registration of Vehicles
  • Vehicle Titles
  • Driver Licenses
  • Rules of the Road
  • Car Insurance
  • Selling a Car

For the sake of example, say you need information on speeding tickets or other traffic tickets. After getting flagged, you’re interested in learning how the ticket may affect the status of your driver license and your overall driver record.

You’d then click on the link for Rules of the Road, directing you to an entire unabridged chapter of your state’s road laws, broken down by sub-chapters. Under the sub-chapter on speeding tickets you’d then find information on fines and, if applicable to your state, points. If you need more point information, in all likelihood, you’ll find a separate sub-chapter on your state’s point system.

Don’t expect to find light reading. All state vehicle laws are written in full legal-speak. If you need help in understanding what you’re reading, some online versions include glossaries for referencing.

Have you ever used your state’s vehicle code? What information did you research?

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