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Learn How to Change Your Address on Your Drivers License

Date posted: 06/16/2012

by Melissa Crumish on
in License & Endoresements

913 Learn How to Change Your Address on Your Drivers License

Moving to a new address puts your organizational skills to test. There are many things to consider: notifying utility companies, opening bank accounts, deciding which neighbor is most likely to call the police when your music is too loud after 10 p.m…

Once you’ve got the really important stuff out of the way and begin to settle in, don’t forget to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of your address change. Most offices demand it. Not later, but now.

Time requirements vary, of course. Florida’s DMV, for instance, requires notification within 10 days of becoming a new resident, while Delaware’s DMV has a 30-day mandate.

Notifying the DMV of Your Address Change

Keeping your address current is important. The DMV needs it for sending renewal notices (drivers license and registration), license suspension alerts, and possible vehicle insurance validation questions.

Submitting a Change of Address Form

You must submit an address change with the appropriate form. Usually, you can get this form from your DMV’s website. All forms are basic and easy to understand, requiring no proof of relocation. After completing, submit the form by mail (to the address listed on the Change of Address form) or in person.

Depending on your DMV, you may also have the option to use an online form. Check your DMV’s website.

Generally, this form updates all of your records, but for just-in-case purposes, confirm with your DMV and ask if a separate change of address notice is needed for vehicle registration. Don’t assume. Otherwise you risk not receiving important renewal information.

Address Change Cost

Change of address fees depend on state and situation.

The Nevada DMV, for example charges a $3 fee, while Washington only charges if you request a new drivers license reflecting your new address. In some states, this may require submitting a duplicate drivers license form.

New residents from out of state must, of course, pay a new drivers license fee.

When was the last time you changed your address on your driver’s license? Do you have any inside tips to offer?

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