LA MVI Offering Free Replacements for Faulty Inspection Stickers

Date posted: 05/24/2016

by Bridget Clerkin on
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ThinkstockPhotos 523047126 LA MVI Offering Free Replacements for Faulty Inspection Stickers

The LA MVI is offering free replacements for inspection stickers printed in error.

A bad batch of stickers produced by the state’s Motor Vehicle Inspection offices has not been able to take the heat—literally.

The LA State Police have noticed an outsize number of peeling or damaged inspection stickers in the past few weeks, saying the warm Louisiana air has wilted the affected notifications right off their windshields.

The bad batch of stickers was used to decorate cars that passed the state inspection several months ago, and anyone finding this problem with their vehicles will be eligible for a free replacement inspection sticker from any Motor Vehicle Inspection station in the state or at an LA State Police office, the state agency said.

While the Louisiana troopers have said that peeling stickers are still considered valid, they recommended the replacement stickers, as they are easier for most officers to see. The State Police also advised residents against attempting to fix a bad sticker with glue, tape, or any other adhesive.

Any motorist unable to replace his or her sticker at their local Motor Vehicle Inspection station can contact the Department of Public Safety MVI unit at (225) 925-6113 ext. 205.

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