How to Save Time Preparing for the Drivers License Test

Date posted: 06/26/2012

by Melissa Crumish on
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3620 How to Save Time Preparing for the Drivers License TestPreparing for a drivers license written test (also referred to as a knowledge test) requires absorbing a lot of material.

This bears especially true if you’re a new driver. In addition to learning driving rules, you must also be able to identify road signs by shape and color, know what precautions to take when driving at night, be able to rattle off defensive driving techniques and much more.

All of the test material is based on your Department of Motor Vehicle’s (DMV) driver license handbook. Some state manuals contain close to 100 pages, making for a daunting study guide.

DMV Cheat Sheets

If your schedule prevents you from devoting as much time as you would prefer thumbing through the manual, you do have another study option with DMV Cheat Sheets.

This handy study aid helps, in addition to the driver handbook, to prepare you for the exam. In it you’ll find information customized for your state:

  • Detailed steps on how to obtain your license.
  • What identification documents to bring to the DMV on the day of the test.
  • A question and answer study guide, narrowed down to 50 questions based on the most essential information to know for the written exam.
  • A study sheet featuring the traffic signs and signals you need to know for the test.

These Cheat Sheets aren’t intended as substitutes for DMV manuals, but merely as shortcuts, saving you time from studying non-essential information that you, in all probability, will not be tested on.

These “studying shortcuts” can easily be found online.

DMV Practice Permit Tests

In addition to your state’s drivers license handbook and DMV Cheat Sheets, you should also take at least one or two driver’s license practice tests. These can be on DMV websites, in the back of driver license manuals, and from a host of third-party online companies. Online practice tests make it convenient to try many sample test questions before test day.

Practice tests mirror the actual tests, allowing you to accurately gauge your test readiness.

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