How to Organize a Move: Easy Relocation Tips

Date posted: 07/27/2012

by Melissa Crumish on
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3555 How to Organize a Move: Easy Relocation Tips

Whether it’s across town or across the country, moving comes with stress. Your organized life of daily routine suddenly gets knocked out of whack, turning relocation into an endless task of checking off checklist after checklist of things to do and pack, and of people to notify.

Staying organized helps ease the process. To help with this, consider the following tips on relocating:

  • Organize your packing boxes by color, assigning each room a specific box color. Bedroom linens, for example, in red boxes. Kitchen utensils in green boxes. Or, if don’t have access to colored boxes, use labels. Don’t be shy. Label everything and be specific as possible. If one box only contains juice glasses, mark it as juice glasses.
  • Don’t mix items in boxes under the idea you’ll remember. For instance, don’t pack your medical records with the gardening tools. This is how stuff gets lost and turns unpacking into a frustrating process of endless search parties for various items and documents.
  • Organize all important documents – birth certificates, passports, medical information, Social Security card – in one multi-pocketed folder. Treat it like a wallet or purse and carry it yourself. Don’t leave it with the moving company.
  • Obtain medical records from your doctor. Also, ask for recommendations for doctors in your new area.
  • Contact utility companies for final readings. Provide them with your new address for any remaining bills.
  • Don’t rely on Facebook as your main forum for informing everyone of your change of address. Notify friends and family personally either by phone or a mailed change of address notice.
  • Complete a change of address form with your post office. In case you forget to notify someone, this will guarantee continued correspondence.
  • Pack essentials for when you first arrive in your new home, giving you immediate access to them if needed. This should include: a change of clothes; a flashlight; bath towel and shower curtain; toilet paper; medicines; first-aid kit; and sleeping bag.
  • Make a list of priority contacts when you arrive in your new place. This includes utility companies, doctors and DMV offices.
  • When you begin unpacking, place marked boxes in the assigned rooms.
  • Before unpacking each box, assess any organizational needs like shelving or closet dividers. Install before unpacking.
  • Unpack every box. This will cut down on those frustrating “Now, where did I put that…?” searches.

Have we missed any tips that helped you relocate? Share your moving wisdom with our online community by leaving advice in our comment section below.

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