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How to Order Specialty License Plates For A Motorcycle

Date posted: 06/22/2012

by Nadia Ibanez on
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1003 How to Order Specialty License Plates For A Motorcycle

Motorcycles, just like cars, require registration with your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). And depending on personal preference  you have the option to choose between a standard plate (motorcycles only require one rear plate) or a specialty plate.


Ordering Motorcycle Vanity License Plates

Before ordering vanity or personalized license plates for your motorbike, you’ll need to decide on a plate number. In most cases you will be limited to six characters (numbers or letters). You can create any combination provided it’s not:

  • Offensive, lewd or in bad taste in accordance with DMV standards
  • Already in use
  • In conflict with any standard-issued plate numbering system
Many DMV offices will allow you to check a plate number’s availability on its website before ordering. Those that don’t offer this search service will ask you to submit several alternative numbers on the order application in case your first choice gets rejected.
Specialty license plates cost more than standard license plates. The exact fee will be determined by your local DMV office, which you’ll pay during motorcycle registration.

 Other Specialty Plate Options for Motorcycles

Depending on your state, you may have a list of different specialty license plate options. These may include some or all of the following categories:

  • Charitable plates
  • Collegiate plates
  • Veterans and military plates (require proof of service)
  • Antique plates (motorbike must meet the state’s definition of an antique)
  • Historical plates

Many DMV websites provide colored photos of these plate options. Once you decide on a particular plate, follow the accompanying instructions on how to order. In most cases you’ll need to complete and submit a specific form, along with the appropriate fee.

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