How to Order Copies of Driving Records

Date posted: 06/15/2012

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1264 How to Order Copies of Driving Records

Your driving record provides information about traffic violations, suspensions and revocations, and point accumulation (if applicable).

You want a copy to make sure it reflects accurate information, and others, such as your insurance agent, want copies to assess what kind of risk you present.

Ordering Your Own Driver Record

Basically, there are four ways you can order your driving record: in person, over the phone, through the mail, or online.

Ultimately, the method depends on your needs and your state’s options.

Visit the DMV

Ordering a copy of your driver record in person is pretty much a surefire method of getting the job done.

Call ahead to find out how much a driving record costs and which, if any, identifying documents you must bring, and then head to your local DMV. You’ll complete driving record order form of some sort, pay the fee, and receive the record either immediately or later in the mail.

Order by Phone

Some states allow phone orders. Generally, you’ll need your driver’s license (the clerk will ask for information from it, such as the address on file and your driver’s license number) and a credit card or debit card, if acceptable.

Order by Mail

Most DMV websites include sections where drivers can download various forms and publications. Check your DMV website for a driving record order form and follow the instructions included on the form.

If your DMV website doesn’t include a driver record order form, visit the DMV in person. You might get the form there and mail it in at your convenience, or your DMV might require you to handle the transaction in person.

Order Online

You can order a driver license record online in one of two ways: via your state’s DMV website or through a third-party provider.

Typically, third-party providers provide faster service. This isn’t a slam on the DMV; it’s just that DMVs are busy, busy agencies that focus on a lot of tasks all at once, whereas third-party providers focus solely on getting you your driver record.

NOTE: Before you order from a third-party provider, check with your DMV. Generally, using a third party is fine, especially for your own use, but if another person or agency wants a copy, that copy might need to be official and directly from the DMV.

Ordering Another Person’s Driver License Record

Overall, a driving record is public record. Everyone from your employer (or, potential employer) to your insurance agency can order a copy.

Thus, you shouldn’t have any trouble ordering a copy of someone else’s driver record, as long as you have a legit reason; still, your state’s laws and the ordering method you choose will determine any requirements you must meet to get your hands on another driver’s record.

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