How to Improve Your Road Sign Practice Test Results

Date posted: 08/01/2012

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2853 How to Improve Your Road Sign Practice Test Results

Generally, a drivers license test consists of three parts:

  • A vision test.
  • A road skills exam.
  • A written knowledge exam.

You can’t really prepare for a vision test (without your optometrist’s help, that is), but you can prepare for the rest of your drivers license exam. You can study for the road exam by practicing your driving skills, and you can study for the written exam with a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)¬†practice test¬†and a road signs practice test.

A road signs practice test quizzes you on the traffic signs and symbols you see on the road. You can find state-specific road sign practice tests online through third-party vendors.

But, what happens when you don’t ace your practice exam? Don’t fret. You can still hone in on a stellar score that will fully prepare you for the written drivers license test.

Practice Makes Perfect: Take Another Practice Permit Test!

Alright, maybe practice doesn’t always make perfect, but practice certainly makes improvement! If your first stab at the road signs practice test was a flop, grab another practice exam and try again. Each practice test is unique, so you’ll learn something new every time. After a few more tries, your score is bound to rise.

Taking a DMV practice test can also help you buff up your traffic sign knowledge. In addition to reviewing road signs, the drivers license practice exam covers a robust array of subjects such as state-specific traffic laws and safe driving practices. When you complement your road signs studying with a DMV practice test, you’ll amp up your knowledge even more.

Study Your Driver License Handbook

Read up on your state’s specific traffic laws. Every state offers a driver handbook or manual, which covers every rule of the road in your state.

Read it cover to cover and before you know it, you’ll be an expert on your state’s signage.

Pay Attention to Traffic Signs

Last but not least, be observant. When you’re driving, keep your eyes peeled for unfamiliar signs and take note of them. Then, refer to your practice tests and your driver manual to identify their meaning. Pretty soon, signs that once looked like cryptic hieroglyphs will be as familiar as a stop sign.

Have you taken a road signs practice test recently? Leave a comment about your experience!

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