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How to Handle a Lost Vehicle Registration Renewal Card

Date posted: 06/20/2012

by Melissa Crumish on
in Registration & Titling

980 How to Handle a Lost Vehicle Registration Renewal Card

Take heart: In terms of importance, a vehicle registration renewal card ranks low on the list of Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) documents you don’t want to lose. Still, it is a handy document to have in your possession.

A typical registration renewal notice contains:

  • Your vehicle registration fee.
  • Registration renewal instructions, which, if applicable, include your options (such as online, mail, and in person).
  • Car registration renewal date.

How to Recover a Missing Car Registration Renewal Card

Unlike a lost registration card, where you complete a specific duplicate registration form, there is no tidy document for a missing registration renewal notice.

Instead, call your local DMV office. Explain the situation. Ask about your options. The DMV agent will then either mail you a new car registration renewal notice, or provide the needed information to renew your registration (such as fees, required documents, and payment options).

Late Vehicle Registration Renewal

Do not use a lost vehicle registration renewal notice as an excuse for submitting late. Most DMV offices view car registration renewal forms as courtesy notices.

In other words, it’s usually not a mandatory document.

Try using “I lost my car registration renewal notice” after getting stopped for driving with expired plates, and chances are slim-to-none the police officer will sympathize and let you off with a friendly wave.

Pending any grace periods, the DMV will be equally unforgiving. Submit late, regardless of reason, and you risk being charged a late registration fee.

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