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How Many Manuals Does My State’s DMV Offer?

Date posted: 06/29/2012

by Josh Tyson on
in Education & Training

3571 How Many Manuals Does My States DMV Offer?

You might brag about how many state university football championships your state has or how many “I Love [Insert State Name Here]” tee shirts hang in your closet, but…

…have you tapped into your the bragging rights over your state’s driving manuals, yet?

Probably not.

Common State Driving Manuals

To help you get started, note that most states provide a:

  • Drivers Handbook: This manual is for drivers who operate regular passenger vehicles and trucks.
  • Motorcycle Manual: A handbook for bikers.
  • CDL Manual: This handbook teaches those applying for a commercial drivers license everything from proper pre-trip inspection tips to how to get endorsements.

Those handbooks are fairly standard.

Additional State Manuals

Other states take things a bit further and include manuals for:

  • Operating a school bus.
  • Properly titling and registering vehicles.
  • Teen drivers and all their concerns.

Your state might even offer manuals on how to open a car dealership

Tips On State Driver Handbooks and Other Manuals

  • Most state’s provide driver handbooks online, but if you can’t find your state’s drivers manual or any other handbook you’re looking for, or you don’t have Internet access, contact your DMV for a hardcopy.
  • Many states provide English and Spanish versions, and some states provide Chinese, Russian, and Japanese. Be sure to ask about manuals in other languages.

So, are YOU ready to brag about how many manuals your state has?

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