Getting to Know Your New State

Date posted: 07/13/2012

by Melissa Crumish on
in Moving & Traveling

1535 Getting to Know Your New StateAfter emptying the last moving box and trying to solve why you thought storing the car keys in the medicine cabinet would be a good idea until you got organized in your new home, it’s now time to discover what your new state has to offer.

A quick search on the Internet will reveal a wealth of information catering to all interests.

Websites to Check After Relocation

As a new resident, start by conducting an Internet search with the words “things to do” followed by the name of your new state.

You’ll more than likely be connected to your state’s Visitor’s Bureau, featuring information on:

  • Attractions
  • Dining options
  • Scenic drives
  • State and national parks
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Recreation
  • Museums
  • Lodging
  • Shopping
  • Event calendars

Or, for a more focused search, consider:

  • Your state’s state parks’ pages. Here you’ll find a wealth of information on camping, hiking, fishing, boating, hunting, and more. Depending on your state, this site may also handle boat registration.
  • Your state’s government page. Many state sites offers links to specific cities, parks, museums, libraries, and attractions, as well as helpful information on voting registration, taxes, education, jobs, and media outlets.
  • Your county’s website for close-to-home information on attractions, professional sports teams, museums, dining, theatre, hospitals, schools, and more.
  • Your town or city’s website for park listings, recreational opportunities, shopping, dining, and more.

If you prefer talking with someone, visit your local Chamber of Commerce. Here you can get insider information on everything from schools and parks to stores and coffee shops. Plus, you’ll find pamphlets, brochures, and maps for handy referencing. For more on moving, check out our

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