Getting Car Insurance in a New State

Date posted: 07/13/2012

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1597 Getting Car Insurance in a New StateA new address, a new job, a new grocery store…

Relocating to a new state means a lot of new things, but don’t forget that you’ll also need new insurance coverage for your car.

Insurance is a state-regulated industry, so each state makes its own laws which any insurance company operating within its borders must follow. Your old policy might not meet your new state’s regulations, so, as a new resident, you must also find new car insurance.

Factors Affecting Your Car Insurance Rates

Insurance rates are based on a variety of factors, not simply on your individual driving record.

Factors which might affect your insurance premiums when you move from state to state include:


It is statistically more likely that you will be in a car wreck in a more densely populated state, where there are hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) more drivers on the road.


The likelihood that you will have to drive long distances in heavy traffic in order to get to your job will almost certainly affect the amount you pay. Someone in an urbanized state may drive twenty miles to get to work and someone in a rural state thirty, but the city dweller will probably have more highway traffic.

Crime Rate

A state’s crime rate can also affect your insurance premiums, especially the number of carjackings and car thefts reported versus the number of cases brought to trial and suspects convicted.

Natural Disasters

Certain states are more likely to sustain heavy damage from certain types of natural disasters. Hurricanes on the coast, tornadoes in the Midwest, earthquakes in California, all factor into the amount you pay in insurance.

Have you ever purchased car insurance after relocation? What factors did your new provider consider?

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