Florida Warns Residents of New Traffic Ticket Scam

Date posted: 03/07/2017

by Bridget Clerkin on
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scam alert Florida Warns Residents of New Traffic Ticket Scam

Beware of e-mails from senders disguised as the Florida DHSMV.

If you’ve received an e-mail from what appears to be Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), be careful. The state agency has reported a scam being executed in its name.

Victims are being targeted via an official-looking e-mail, allegedly sent from the DHSMV and warning customers of a quickly-approaching deadline to pay off an unspecified traffic citation. Various versions of the e-mail include threats of license suspension and additional late fees should the payment be missed.

The DHSMV—along with the state courtswill never e-mail a citation to a customer nor request payment via e-mail, agency officials say.

Any citation actually issued by the DHSMV is alpha-numeric and includes seven digits, the DHSMV confirmed.

If you believe you’ve gotten this e-mail or paid money after receiving a similar request, contact the Florida Clerk of Court or Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles immediately.

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