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Flirting Your Way Out of a Traffic Ticket

Date posted: 03/16/2012

by Jen Lamboy on
in Traffic Tickets

woman pleading cop Flirting Your Way Out of a Traffic TicketThe decision to flirt after getting pulled over is not an easy one to make. Especially when you consider all the ways you could respond to, “do you know why I stopped you?” There’s the white lie approach, honesty, tears, attempts at comedy, etc. And then there’s flirting.

Easy for some to pull off (and possibly painful for others to witness), flirting should be left to the pros. Otherwise, it could make an already unfavorable situation even more awkward. Consider the following before batting your eyelashes or showing a little cleavage:

  1. Are you a seasoned flirt? If you have to think about this one, the answer is a resounding “no.” In this case, you should try a different ticket-defying approach. If flirting is a strong suit, and more importantly you feel comfortable doing it, keep reading to learn when it’s best to put your skills to the test.
  2. How will your flirtations be received? A receptive audience is a must. Therefore, you must be able to quickly read the officer and make a snap decision on whether to turn up your charm. This is where it helps if you have some solid experience and confidence in your flirting. Newbies beware; uncalled-for flirting could offend!
  3. How fast can backup arrive? If you decide to move forward with the flirtatious approach, but the officer doesn’t take kindly to your advances, have a backup plan you can quickly fall back on. Knowing when to abort the mission is key. Otherwise, you risk annoying or agitating the cop and possibly digging yourself into a deeper ditch.

Of course, flirting is always a gamble. When we asked a few cops how they respond to a flirtatious traffic law violator, they said it never works. But what law enforcement agent is going to admit falling victim to a winning smile or short shorts?

What we did learn from one ex officer is that traffic cops hear a ton of excuses, many of which are unoriginal, boring and blatantly untrue. He said only the most creative comments get drivers off the hook, and that it’s more likely for a driver to talk himself into a traffic ticket rather than out of one. Perhaps your best bet is to go with the most tried-and-true method: being polite. For more on traffic stop dos and don’ts, check out some of our related articles.


Have you ever flirted your way out of a traffic ticket? We want to know what works! We’d also like to get a giggle out of what didn’t do the trick. Leave a comment below or share your experience on Facebook with our community of drivers.


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